Introduction to Calculus: Functions, Limits

taught by Yves Simon

Course description

The notions of limits constitute the first chapter of a Calculus course. This course consists in a simple study of the notion of limits. It is divided into 3 lessons. These lessons are:

1. Functions and their graphs

2. Introduction to the notion of limit: an attempt to define limit.
3. One-sided limits

The student will have to watch a video and complete the assignments for each of the lessons. Answers will be provided for exercises to be solved. It is recommended that the students read the materials related to each lesson, learn the definitions, rules and other types of theories and apply these to solve problems. Each example should be done by the student even though it is solved on the material as a model. The student should first look at the examples, masters the process of solving the particular exercise and does it by himself without looking at the model or example. For each lesson, the student has to complete the non-solved exercises. Once the student finishes the solution of these exercises he/she can compare his/her own answers to the answers/provided. Students can send any questions related to the course by reaching the instructor through email via his website New Direction Education Services at

The complete Calculus course is available for individual tutoring face-to-face or online. Individual tutoring costs $35.00 per hour. For individual tutoring students can use their class materials and the instructor can assist them with homework and some learning problems that they have with the course.

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Yves Simon
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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 Functions and their graphs
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Lesson 2 Introduction to the notion of limits
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